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First Of All, Know That God Loves You, And He Is Proving It By Giving You A Final Chance To Choose Him Before He Releases His Judgments And Vengeance On The Earth….

Where Do You Want To Spend Eternity?  The Choice Is Yours And Yours Alone.  Please Note There Is A Life Beyond Death, And You Will Live Forever.  Would You Rather Live With Jesus Christ Or Away From Him?

If You Decide All Of This Is True, And You Would Rather Live For Jesus Than The Ruler Of This World, You Need To Put Your Trust In Jesus Now. Your Loved Ones Who Disappeared Put Their Trust In Jesus And In Order To See Them Again You Must DO The Same.

For It Is Only He, Jesus, That Can Save You From This World And From Hell.  This Is The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make.  Hopefully, If You Are Reading This Before The Rapture, You Will Not Hesitate To Make This Decision Now, Therefore Avoiding What Is To Come Upon The Earth. BUT….. If The Rapture Has Already Taken Place, Know That There Is Still Time To Give Your Life To Jesus. (Accepting His Free Gift of Salvation, Putting Him First In Your Life And Living For Him Not Yourself)


The Only Answer To That Question Is Found In The Bible In John 14:6

Jesus says "I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life.  No Man Can Come To The Father Except Through Me".


Jesus Has Made It Simple, All You Have To Do Is Pray This Prayer And Mean It With All Of Your Heart And Live It!

Lord Jesus, I Know I Am A Sinner.  I Believe You Died On The Cross. Because You Love Me So Much, That You Paid The Penalty For My Sins, And You Came Into This World So That I Can Be Saved.   Lord Jesus, Thank You For Your Sacrifice And I Ask You Now To Forgive My Sins And I Ask You To Come Into My Heart And Save My Soul.  I Pledge My Life To You This Instant For You Are My King And Savior. Thank You For Giving Me Eternal Life And A Home In Heaven.   Thank You For Saving Me. 

In Jesus Name I Pray.  Amen.



You Are Now Completely Forgiven, A New Creation, Innocent In The Eyes Of God...WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF GOD!  We Will See You In Heaven, Hopefully Right When The Rapture Occurs.  If Not Then, Know That Jesus Will Be At Your Side, Leading And Guiding You During These Trials On Earth.  And Know That HE WILL BE BACK FOR YOU!!!!!!

And Remember These Words Of Jesus: "Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give To You: I Give Not As The World Gives, Leaving You Feeling Abandonded, But I Leave You With Hope.  Let Not Your Heart Be  Troubled And Do Not Be Afraid."